Emotional Roller Coaster


Roller Coaster

There are certain events in a person’s life that lead them to experience many changing emotions and I’m going through one of them at the moment.  I’m about to leave my current place of work, after 9 years.

Mostly I’m feeling very excited about finding a new opportunity, I’ve got a lot of great skills that I can’t wait to use in a new role, but every now and then I get hit by a massive bout of sadness, for the people I will be leaving behind – you can’t work with people every day and not form deep and close friendships.  There is of course a healthy dose of fear and nervousness, but that kind of goes without saying!


So you might see a bit more of me around here in the coming months, I’m going to have some time on my hands and I think some of it may well be spent blogging, as I said to an old friend this morning – just getting the stuff out can help can’t it, even if it isn’t read by many, or indeed any.