NaBloPoMo Day 5 – A follow friday special!


I tweet, a lot. And I often fail at follow friday, so today, I thought it would be nice for you to see more about why I follow certain people, rather than just a list.

I love all the people I follow, I don’t have time to write about you all, so please, if I haven’t mentioned you, don’t take it as a slight.  I hope this will be the first post of many like this….

Some people what I know IRL (In Real Life)

Let me start with the very handsome, wonderful, crazy boy that shares my life and custody of Tiffin and TJ, my partner in the truest sense of the word, the gorgeous mr @davidtreynolds.

There is also the man who has been my best friend all my life, none other than my daddy, @paulsibley – he doesn’t tweet that often, but I think he’s pretty smart and well worth a follow.

My sister @smammi who really definately needs to tweet more often. She is funny without realising it, possible over usage of the word (is it a word?) LOL.

He is a mad scientist trapped in a programmers body, and there are probably certain topics you don’t want to get him started on (I’ll let you discover them for yourself!) @jmons

For most of my norfolk life he has been like a big brother, he is bird crazy (I mean the flying ones) and knows lots of stuff @rocketjohn

Some people what I met through twitter and have since met IRL

I don’t like pork pies, but I liked hers! Sarah is the epitome of how one should build a business using twitter, and she is generally fab @Brays_cottage – she also organises our tweet ups

This is a double whammy, you can’t follow one without the other @seanmkent and @deantoms I love them both dearly, Dean shares my love of christmas and sean my love of all things food!

For all your drama, be it feline or human, one should definately follow @yourfirstpa

Some others, some I’ve met, some I’d like too

My snail mail penpal, my lovely Hannah, she knows how to raise a smile, your twitter life needs her in it @girltaristhan

He bought Hannah and I together thanks to #serendipity and i truly think he is one of life’s great people. He is the one and only @darenbbc (and the BBC stands for Building Better Connections, which he does!)

No twitter party is complete without Dr M, he knows all about engagement and everything fizzes a little bit more in his presence @drmasquerade

For all your social media needs, go to mr @mike_mcgrail I met Mike at a conference last year and he is a firm favourite of my twitter feed, he also has a penguin, called Dave (@social_penguin who I seem unable to link too. Sorry Dave!!)

This is not over, I follow hundreds of people… this is just a taster!