Snow joke!


We had proper weather here today, which is a rather unusual (if rather British!) thing to be able to say. The “beast from the east” as it has been called hit Norfolk with a snow storm, and boy did it hit.

I decided against attempting to drive in. As a not very confident driver I didn’t feel it was worth the stress, especially having read all of the posts on our local community pages about the roads being impassable. Of course, a sensible person WOULD HAVE BOUGHT HER LAPTOP HOME! But I did not! Thankfully I could at least access my emails remotely and I’ve made a good start on a piece of admin work I’ve struggled to do in the office. But the whole situation has made me decide I shall take my laptop backpack to work and bring my laptop home every day. You never know when something like this is going to happen, and I am one of the lucky ones at my office who gets a laptop, I’m going to use it.

Puppy adores the snow and we had great fun tramping around the forest with him at lunchtime, the snow literally came up to his belly and he dived into it on multiple occasions. The sheer joy pouring off him was something to behold.

So, that is my report on UK snow. Nothing much to see here, well, a lot of the white stuff, and hopefully tomorrow will be a little safer and I can get into the office.