NaBloPoMo Day 7 – A picture post


Today’s post is going to be in pictures. I’ll try and credit where I can (the crediting doesn’t seem that easy 🙁 ).

I’ve been thinking about getting a hair cut, I am going to get a hair cut, but the question is how. I love Veronica Mars’ hair in the first season and I think this is what I fancy….

I particularly love how versatile it is. She wears it curly (which I adore) and up and down. So gang, do you think I can pull it off?

Getting excited about Christmas, especially when I had my first Starbucks red cup!!

My current craft is fabric painting, which I am thoroughly loving

We went to the cinema this afternoon to see “Despicable Me” – it was very funny, adorable and Dave is now my minion – he even had a starring role in the film!

I’ve been a bit poorly recently, got a cold and sore throat. Thought I was getting better, but not felt great this weekend, my glands are a bit swollen but feeling ok at the moment.