NaBloPoMo day 3 – small but perfectly formed!


I nearly fell at the 3rd hurdle as I’ve only just sat down to blog, I’m tired and I’m not 100% sure what to talk about today!

However, I’m here and posting something, so I guess I still win, at least for now.

I had a rollercoaster lunch break today. I’ve been invited to the marketing society awards dinner towards the end of the month and it’s black tie. So I went shopping with my friend. I have dresses, but they are very obviously bridesmaid dresses or not smart enough for a black tie event. So a new outfit was the order of the day. Could I find a dress that was a) nice b) flattering and c) the right sort? Oh and of course d) to fit!

The answer was, of course, no. My life is not a Hollywood movie, I didn’t walk into a shop and find my dream dress and suddenly look like a princess. Alas, in fact of the 6 shops we tried I only managed to even try on 3, 1 of which made me look like a hippo and the other 2 I couldn’t even do up!

However, all is not lost and I have a plan. I shall go to the ball, its just my fairytale outfit won’t be quite so conventional! I’m going to wow in trousers, and boy will I be more comfortable, and confident!! Watch this space, when I find my outfit I shall share with you all!