Stuff and other stuff


I am seriously rubbish at this blogging malarkey. You’d think or someone who worked in the industry I do I’d be better. But alas, apparently this is another thing I start and forget to continue with!!

It’s so weird, it’s not that I think I have all these profound thoughts that should be written about for all the world to see, but I do feel that blogging is something i should do more of.

But no more empty promises of more blogging, or more interesting blogs, I’ll just keep trying!

So, an update in the world of me!

I survived the first week back after thr Christmas break. Woohoo. Go me! I love Christmas time, and had an extra lovely time this year and it made going back even harder.

I passed my theory test just before Christmas. In theory I’m allowed to drive! I also had a driving lesson on snowy ground. I’ve never been more scared in all my life, but it was actually not the worst lesson I’ve had. I was rather proud of myself actually!

I’m back on the eating healthy/not buying lunch/walking to and from work thing I do periodically. But I feel pretty good for it. Partly, I’m doing these things because I need to be healthy, partly it’s possibly the best way to get through January without going into my ovedraft.

I’m in the middle of waiting for something. I can’t go into huge detail, it’s worky stuff, so as you guys know, I do need to be careful with what gets said online, as soon as I can say anything I will.

Erm… I can’t really think of anything else for now, but will try again soon. I promise.