A good day


Apparently I caused Dad a sleepless night after my last blogging session!! I guess he was just concerned I was ill! But, as I’m on a roll, Dad, I apologise in advance if this causes another sleepless one .

So, today (this was actually written on thursday!) is definately what you would class as a good day! In order of good things (I’ll detail them in a sec):

1) great phonecall!
2) good appraisal
3) good meeting
4) decent driving lesson

These are the specifics of my good day! The best one though was number 1. Ladies and gentlemen, I have been asked to give a presentation, to a whole bunch of social media people from various companies, talking about my job and the things I’ve achieved! I’m going to be presenting to around 60 people. The thing is, I know it’s not as crazy exciting as I’m making it out to be, but this is a massive achievement for me. It will be the biggest ever audience I’ve presented too and I’ve been asked because I’m bloody good at my job. I’ve been popping with excitement all day. I feel so damned proud of myself!

The others are less earth shattering for me. But all in all I think today’s been great. My boss is pleased with my work and I’m doing good things. I met with a supplier I’ve been talking with for months and I think we had a good meeting and then driving tonight I really feel like I’m making progress!

So anyway, enough gushing! I have shopping to order, tv to watch and chocolate to nibble.