This blogging thing gets a bit addictive after a while doesn’t it? Well, at least until you run out of stuff to say!

I’m trying to think of some kind of theme for my blogging. I’m sure you guys don’t want to constantly read about my day to day life! I’d like to put some regular posts up about my jewellery making, and hopefully some pictures too. I might even run a giveaway at some point. Maybe after I’ve made sarah’s red sparkly necklace I’ll do a blog giveaway on the next piece I fuse.

Any suggestions of things to blog about? Being “in social media” I feel I should have a list of things to talk about, but sadly, im lacking that.

Recently at work we had to change our email signatures, to bring them on brand. But one of the things I miss is my little quotes. I used to find inspirational sayings and quotes and have them as part of my email signature. I even had a few comments about them. I think the one that got the most comment was one of the Obama ones. I think it was the one about hope. I’ll have to dig it out. I’ve also kind of become a bit of a quote collector, at one point I even started a book, just somewhere to put the ones that really inspired me. That fell by the wayside. And people share quotes with me. My boss came into work one day and said the girl behind the desk at his hotel (he spends part of the week here, but lives in another part of the country) printed out a quote for him most stays