Day 27 of 1001


So, it has been a while! We’re now into Day 27 of my 1001 day challenge, and where are we?

I think I can tick off number 2, Han has said that she will be my penpal, her first card and birthday present are winging their way to her as we speak.

I’ve got a few things that need to be done for the one a month things, including having a date with Dave, taking a photo of us together, my laptop regularly backs up, which means that one is on track too,

As for learning to drive, its ok, I’m desperate to book my test now, and then I’ll feel really good, but I still need a lot of practise, I’ll get there I’m sure, I just want to be there already!

I’m doing my first craft fair on 9th May:

I’m both nervous and excited, but need to get loads of stuff made, as currently I’m down to about 10 pairs of earrings! But I’ve got a day off on Friday, so will hopefully get some bits made then.

Day 4 – of 1001


So today marks Day 4 of the 1001 challenge I’m undertaking with Han and I’ve managed to start 4 of my challenges:

These are

  • Learning to drive
  • Writing in my journal once a week
  • Drinking a bottle of water every day (on days I’m not in work this is going to be at least 2 glasses)
  • Contributing a million grains of rice to freerice (I’ve done 1500 ish)

I think Han and I might also help each other out by being penpals too!

I’m also working on getting Sammi to do her 101.

So thats the update.  I’ve got another blog idea in the pipeline, so expect something else soon!

Crowd Pleaser


I have been asked to blog more frequently, so here I am, trying to blog more!

Its been a bit crazy the last week or so, and sadly not in a crazy good way.  Some stuff is going on at work.  As part of a restructure, at the moment, my job isn’t carrying on.  This doesn’t necessarily mean redundancy, but it is a possiblity.  I’m scared, and angry and trying to get my head round all of this stuff and make big decisions.

Other than that, things are going well, Dave and I have both just celebrated birthdays, his in a much less drunken manner than mine! I have to tell you, 10 bacardi jelly shots (I’m not allowed vodka, it makes me cry!) makes for an interesting evening!

I’ve been missing people lots recently.  I miss my fambly, and I miss my friends.  I want to reach out and grab people as much as possible, but that could get me arrested!  No, seriously, I’m acutely aware of the distances between myself and other people at the moment… Tom, Sarah – when are you coming to visit!?!?

I’ve updated my 101 a bit, a few more things going on now, nearly finished my first book of 100, although, thinking I might change it to 101 books, in keeping with the theme!

Well, I think this constitutes a blog entry, I’ll write more when I can, and keep you updated on the J O B situation.

Update on my list!


Today is Day 5 of 1001!

So far, I have

  • sent a random text message to the lovely susie on 27/1/09
  • Started reading my first non fiction book – “We-Think” by Charles Leadbetter on 26/1/09
  • Cleaned my desk this morning
  • I got some driving lessons for my birthday

I’m very excited and really enjoying it already.

New Page


I’ve added a new page to my blog, entitled my 101 – It is where I plan to keep a track of the 101 things I plan to do in the 1001 days following my birthday.

I start on Sunday, and I’ve already got plans for some of them (including tickets to see the opera HMS Pinafore in April!) If you think you can help with any of them, or have suggestions, please post them here!

I’ve also decided to not worry too much about the anonymity thing – I’ll use full names, so you don’t have to worry, I think I was being overcautious. Enjoy, join in, and if you do I’d love to see your lists!