Goals 2013


I realise this post is almost 3 months late. But nevermind!

Before my 30th birthday I tried to complete 30 goals, I managed 11, and came close on a few, but I didn’t feel like I failed, because I achieved a lot and I was proud of everything I achieved. I was just reading Hannah’s goal list and it reminded me that I haven’t posted up the goals I’ve set myself for this year (not 31!) Without further ado…

#1 Get a new job.  I think this goes without saying, but it’s good to put it in here! Also hopefully it’ll mean I can definitely cross it off!

#2 Drive more often. I spent a lot of time and energy passing my test and, not to mention money, I need to make more use of it.

#3 Don’t buy any more stationery.  I am a stationery addict, I love the stuff! But I have plenty, so I won’t buy any more until I run out.

#4 Learn something new.  I love learning new skills and I want to keep doing it.

#5 Go on a holiday. We’ve been talking about a holiday for a while, my redundancy money might mean a big holiday, but only if I get a job, otherwise we want to make sure we get away, somewhere, for a week this year.

#6 Save £100 in amazon vouchers for christmas (£20/£100)

#7 Do some volunteering

#8 Go to the theatre again. Dave got me tickets to see Rock of Ages in London, which was fab! I had so much fun, and there is great theatre around Norwich too.

#9 Have some new experiences. Along the same lines of learning new things I like the idea of trying new things too! So bring it on 2013 what have you got for me.


I kinda feel like their should be a 10! So I shall rack my brains to think of something to even it out.  But there you go, my goals for 2013.


Edited 12th March

I’ve been thinking about my goals and I’ve come up with a few more 🙂

#10 As suggested by Dave – Find a new theme for my blog.

#11 Take more pictures.

#12 Can’t believe I forgot this… Meet and have coffee with Hannah!


I’m sure there will be more as we go!



30 by 30 update


Oh man! I really shouldn’t set myself blog targets – I just suck at them.

I’ve failed on the updating of my blog every month target but I have been ticking some things off my list, including:

  • Get my passport
  • Go somewhere I’ve never been before
  • Drive all the way to my parents
  • Organise a trip away with Dave

And I’ve been cracking on with my films and books – I’ve watched 38 films and read 25 books (possibly more!).  I have dates of everything written down and will update properly when I get home.



Starting as I mean to go on…


Well, I know technically it’s not my birthday until next week, but I think the fact that my list is now on my blog means that technically the whole thing has started!

And to be fair, it’s my challenge, it’s up to me to set the rules, right??

I thought I’d start by reminding myself of my 2 big achievements at the age of 28, though I didn’t write a list or anything I did have 2 epic wins.

Firstly, and I think most importantly, I came off my anti-depressants last year. I’m not exactly backwards in coming forwards about my depression, I’ve always been pretty open about it. It was a shitty time in my life and I finally feel like I’ve come out the other side. I don’t mean everything is hunky dory, I have crap days, like everyone else, but I don’t automatically panic every time I feel low that it means I’m sick again. And all of this is made to feel a million times better to know that I’m managing on my own without medication – It makes me stand a little taller, smile a little brighter, and dammit it also makes me pat myself on the back. I did it, I’m proud of that.

My other big achievement of the last year was my driving test. I finally passed my test, after learning for the best part of 3 years, and 3 tests I did it and can now drive all by myself. This is huge for me and again, something I’m dead proud of!

Achievement feels good, that’s why I decided to do this challenge for myself, I want to feel good about myself. So bring it on!

What were your big achievements last year? What do you want to achieve in the coming one?

NaBloPoMo Day 6 – not a great deal to say today


We’ve had a chilled out Saturday. I spent last night in bed. We had friends over for dinner and I planned to be cooking. But I came home from work and put myself to bed. I had the most awful tummy ache – so I left poor Dave to cook and entertain 🙁

Felt much better today. We took the car out and I had a drive! First time in a while and it was much better!! I didn’t scare dave as much as I have in the past. So more practice hopefully in the next few weeks 🙂

Anyway, it’s a very boring update today. But I’m tired and still feeling delicate so I’m going away now.

A good day


Apparently I caused Dad a sleepless night after my last blogging session!! I guess he was just concerned I was ill! But, as I’m on a roll, Dad, I apologise in advance if this causes another sleepless one .

So, today (this was actually written on thursday!) is definately what you would class as a good day! In order of good things (I’ll detail them in a sec):

1) great phonecall!
2) good appraisal
3) good meeting
4) decent driving lesson

These are the specifics of my good day! The best one though was number 1. Ladies and gentlemen, I have been asked to give a presentation, to a whole bunch of social media people from various companies, talking about my job and the things I’ve achieved! I’m going to be presenting to around 60 people. The thing is, I know it’s not as crazy exciting as I’m making it out to be, but this is a massive achievement for me. It will be the biggest ever audience I’ve presented too and I’ve been asked because I’m bloody good at my job. I’ve been popping with excitement all day. I feel so damned proud of myself!

The others are less earth shattering for me. But all in all I think today’s been great. My boss is pleased with my work and I’m doing good things. I met with a supplier I’ve been talking with for months and I think we had a good meeting and then driving tonight I really feel like I’m making progress!

So anyway, enough gushing! I have shopping to order, tv to watch and chocolate to nibble.

Bus blog


It’s funny, I’ve had the wordpress app on my phone for a while, but as yet have failed to blog from the bus. Tweets I do them, but blogs? Not so much!

My bus is quite friendly. Some of the drivers are grumpy sods, but as a general rule the people who get on are quite lovely.

I know I should walk to and from work, but to be honest, I’m too bloody lazy!! It takes just as long, whether I walk or get on the bus. I know that I won’t drive in when I’ve learned, but will I stop bussing? I dunno. The thing is, I also quite enjoy walking, once I get going, it’s just the getting going is a problem!!

This rambling missive was bought to you by the number 9 bus!

Pampered Becca


Before I start, I guess I should apologise for leaving you all in the lurch about the job thing… I still can’t give any more details, but will do as soon as is humanly possible.  For anyone that knows me in real life, they will understand quite how bloody difficult keeping a secret is!

In other news… I have decided to be a pampered chef consultant! I love their products, have been to about 4 parties and held 2 of my own.  So, when the announcements were made and our friend suggested I could do this as a way to supplement my income I thought quite seriously – I’m aiming to use the money I earn to pay for driving lessons!

So i’m very very excited! I have my training tonight, and I have my first party next week – Tuesday night.  So if anyone is in the Norwich area and fancies a party… I’m your gal!

Update on my list!


Today is Day 5 of 1001!

So far, I have

  • sent a random text message to the lovely susie on 27/1/09
  • Started reading my first non fiction book – “We-Think” by Charles Leadbetter on 26/1/09
  • Cleaned my desk this morning
  • I got some driving lessons for my birthday

I’m very excited and really enjoying it already.