Music to warm your soul


Music has always been pretty important in my life, growing up the radio was always on and I had a knack for knowing what the song was going to be within a few notes.

I joined the church choir when I was 10, and sang in some glorious places in the following 8 years. I’m not a fantastic singer (singing lessons are on my wish list!) but singing makes my heart happy! These days my singing is pretty much confined to the car, but I harbour a not-so-secret desire to sing properly again.

When my parents got together they combined their record (vinyl) collections and one area they overlapped heavily was soul and Motown. If I had to pick a favourite genre I’d be hard-pushed to choose anything else other than this, it’s ingrained in my life, so many happy memories. I even had my hen do at a local soul and Motown night!

But I don’t want to talk about soul music today. Today I want to talk about country music.

I’m not an expert by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, I’d go the other way, my knowledge of country music is tiny, but boy does it make me happy. It also reminds me, happily, of my beautiful mumma. Country was all hers!

I’ve been listening to a compilation album “Now that’s what I call country” or something similar… it’s what I’m listening too sat on the bus this morning actually! I have to stop myself singing along (apologies if something slips out people of Norwich!).

But the reason I want to mention any of this. Is because it got me thinking, country music is “mine”. Hubby and I share a lot of music, I generally defer to his better taste and stronger opinion, but we like a lot of the same stuff, and he’s introduced me to some great music. But he’s not as much of a fan as I am of this kind of stuff. So at the moment my country album is on in the car, on the bus or when I’m doing something on my own. And that’s good, it makes time go quicker in the car and makes me smile, sing and generally feel good. It also helps the cleaning (when I do it!) go quicker!

I probably won’t ever see much live country music, but maybe one day, I’d quite like to see Nashville too!

I suppose there isn’t much of a message to this blog post, it’s more of a love letter to the Stetson wearing purveyors of my current favourite earworms! Tomorrow I’ll probably be rocking my inner rock chick and leaving the cowboy boots at home.. but what is that they say? A little bit country, a little bit rock and roll? I’m glad to be both, and to have re-found the country music to listen to!