So long 2018 and thanks for all the fish


It seems we’re back at the end of another year and I have failed miserably to blog… again.

But what a year it’s been – we travelled to Australia (which was epic!), we’ve watched friends get married and others welcome new life into the world. I’ve been studying, I’m 2 units into my diploma in strategic marketing and our puppy love has continued to bring joy into our lives.

I’ve been reading about Gretchen Rubin’s 18 things in 2018 list of things to achieve and it inspired me to try and come up with things I want to accomplish in 2019 – not resolutions so much as targets. I did a similar thing with my 30 by 30 list, and whilst I didn’t complete the list I did more than if I didn’t have the list. My goals for 2019 are:

  1. Finish (and pass) my diploma
  2. Save £500 in Bodyshop commission
  3. Save our house deposit
  4. Run 10k in November with Vicky
  5. Do a park run
  6. Learn to do eyeliner
  7. Learn to do brush lettering
  8. Save some money so I can treat myself in the post Christmas sales
  9. Do an escape room
  10. Have an adventure!
  11. Have a spa day with Kaz
  12. Regular date nights with hubby
  13. Blog more regularly – ideally a post a month
  14. Set up, and start using, my Monzo card
  15. Go somewhere I’ve never been before
  16. Try and reduce my use of single use and disposable plastic and other single use items
  17. Get better at recycling and reduce food waste
  18. Do my best to be positive and find something positive in every day – I will do my best to write this down every evening before bed
  19. Try to regularly switch off the tv in the evening and do something else (Dave and I have talked about this regularly – we’re going to attempt no-TV Thursday evenings!)

Some of these need a bit of explanation, some are pretty straightforward, all are things I’d really like to do, and will help make 2019 a pretty good year.

Are you a goal setter?