New year, new blog… Sort of


I got a bit ahead of myself trying to do a daily blog post in november didn’t I? Not quite half a month. Ah well. It’s a new year, 2011 and I’m starting it feeling quite optimistic, though I am also sick, again! I’ve been home the last 2.5 days with aches and pains and shivers and a cough that won’t quit.

One of my goals for 2011 is to shift some weight (cliche much?!) I’m taking it slow, half a stone at a time, looking no further ahead than that next silver 7. (a weight watchers term that I like). And of course I want to keep it off, so I’m trying to increase the amount of “exercise” I do. I’m not talking going to the gym, or joining an aerobics class, but simple things, walking more, stairs instead of lifts. It’s not rocket science, I’m not stupid, it’s a combination of all these things. I’m also working on increasing my intake of water. I dont drink enough at the moment. Hopefully all of these things will lead to a healthier Becca.

One of my very fabulous Christmas presents was a funky little video camera (similar to a flip, it’s a a kodak zi8 and adorable!) so I’m hoping to have a go at video blogging soon too. Any requests? What do you fancy seeing?

Anyway. I’ll ease myself in gently… A little short blog entry 🙂

In the beginning…


So, here it is 2009.

I never really got the whole New Year thing before, it always just seemed an anti climax to Christmas, but this year I feel ready to attack the year with verve and vigour.  I’m not sure what verve and vigour are, but they seem exciting words to use at this point!

For all the crappy metaphors I could use, I guess embarking on a journey is a good one.  I’m ready to embrace who I am this year and really go for it.  So hopefully, through the medium of this little blog, I shall watch myself grow, and change and who knows, maybe 2009 will be a generally good year for me!

2009 – bring it on!


2008 has come in to land with a bit of a bump – nothing serious, or so bad it overshadows the lovely christmas I had.  But enough to stick in my mind.  I’m noticing as I grow up that I’m shedding friends.  I don’t like it.  This new year is one example of that happening.

I moved away to Uni a good few years ago, but my parents and school friends are all still back in the Shire.  I go back regularly, and until recently managed to meet up with people.  But the last few months its getting harder and harder to still see people and I’m getting sick of fighting a losing battle.  I’m tired of being left out, of feeling so cut off from them.

So I’m going to try and not worry.  I’ve got some beautiful friends here in the Wich.  I’m going to see the New Year in wth CBB and her fella, my baby sis and the ever fabulous D, as well as J and H.  These are people I can rely on.  I need to remember that.

So 2009, a new year, what plans have I?

I have a few new years resolutions –

  • blogging more – I don’t do it anywhere near enough, so I need to make a concious effort.
  • Write down everything I spend -in order to try and reign my spending in and help with the debt free wannabe stuff.
  • Not buy anymore make up/smellies – I have sooo much here, I need to use it rather than let it go to waste and keep buying more, this should also help on the debt free wannabe front.
  • Walk to work – nuff said!
  • Lose weight – ditto!
  • Drink more water – ditto ditto!

So here is to 2009 whatever it may bring, I am ready to kick its arse, and lets make it a year to remember!

Slow and steady wins the race.


I’m starting off this new blog already in bad habits! I’ve barely written anything as yet, I’m quite rubbish it would seem.

But blogging and having a home is so important to me, so I must keep on with it.  I’m loving the new wordpress update, in fact, no offence to the lovely D and his blog platform, but I am truly enjoying wordpress itself.

I have around 10 days off over the Christmas holiday, and so will do my best to post regularly then.  Try to form a habit for the coming year.  2009 is going to be interesting, I kinda have a lot of things I want to try and change… I need to think positively about them, but among many these include:

*Lose weight

*Drink more water

*Sort my finances

*Blog more

Those all feel really massive, but equally important to me.  The weight loss thing is pretty much a given – I may have signed up to be in my local paper as their weight loss/lifestyle change challenger.  I was so excited to do it, I didn’t really think about the ramifacations.  Now I’m thinking about them.  A lot.

As for the finances – I need to try hard to get into the habit of writing my list of things I will do to either make extra money, save money etc.  I have a fe challenges in mind gleaned from the MSE board that I read.  Maybe I’ll see if people want to join me.  I’ve also joined Bossy’s Daily Poverty Party where a bunch of like minded people will share ideas and thoughts about money saving/making and getting out of debt.