Family weekend


This weekend has been pretty full on!

On Saturday we spent the day with my dad, it's always fun watching waffle and my dad together, they have very similar naughty personalities!! I can just see my dad's brain working when he's egging the pup on! Very funny.

We planned a BBQ, but we're British dah-ling and of course it rained. So we started our summer burger challenge! Dave and I have decided to use the summer to create our own yummy burgers at home and see if we can refine them to something delicious 😋 it was fun and we made a good start!

Today (Sunday) we spent the day with Dave's family. It's so fun, the kids adore their fur-cousin and I'm now curled up with a very sleepy pup in my lap…

We had dinner, a lovely walk and wedding chat. Very pleasant.

Now we're chilling on the sofa, watching Sunday evening tv. This is what weekends are made for!