Love is in the air


We are nearing that hallmark day, the day of st valentine. And I feel I need to confess!

I am fully of the opinion that romance and love and declarations of either should NOT be confined to a single day. I think the day is hugely overrated and i agree that it is highly commercialised etc etc.

Now the confession part. If dave were to forget valentines day, I’d be angry, hurt and upset! He is very aware of this irrational facet of my otherwise sane and serene personality! (please insert winking emoticon here!)

We have the added pressure of our birthdays being close together and also to valentines day. So we don’t go mad or anything. It is at times like this I wish I could make something beautiful for dave, as it is, I’m not sure heart shaped earrings are really his thing!!

So, how do you celebrate this pink and red day? Do you have that same irrationality as me?

Also, if anyone has any ideas of unique ways of showing someone you love them plead comment away!!