NaBloPoMo day 12 – a pretty


I have a pretty for you!
So I’ve told you about my epic fail looking for a dress, and the triumph of finding an outfit. All for this posh do next Thursday!

I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted to wear in my hair so decided to make something… And here it is!

It is a mix of clear and purple beads on gold coloured wire. The wire almost disappears against my hair. And I’m really pleased with it!!

Day 27 of 1001


So, it has been a while! We’re now into Day 27 of my 1001 day challenge, and where are we?

I think I can tick off number 2, Han has said that she will be my penpal, her first card and birthday present are winging their way to her as we speak.

I’ve got a few things that need to be done for the one a month things, including having a date with Dave, taking a photo of us together, my laptop regularly backs up, which means that one is on track too,

As for learning to drive, its ok, I’m desperate to book my test now, and then I’ll feel really good, but I still need a lot of practise, I’ll get there I’m sure, I just want to be there already!

I’m doing my first craft fair on 9th May:

I’m both nervous and excited, but need to get loads of stuff made, as currently I’m down to about 10 pairs of earrings! But I’ve got a day off on Friday, so will hopefully get some bits made then.