Neglected blog!


So once again I start my blog with an apology!! Maybe I should tag things apology.

Anyway, so I’ve been away a while. I have a wordpress app on my iPhone and yet I still manage to forget blogging on a pretty much daily basis. Let’s see if things can get better.

What have I been upto I hear you cry? Well, where to begin? Did I tell you I have a new job? I think I did. Anyway I’ve been doing that a while, surfing stuff, website stuff and a bit of creative stuff as well. I went to London a couple of weeks ago for the harnessing the power of Twitter conference. It was a truly inspiring day!! I learned loads, met great people and now just want to work in Twitter! Anyone looking?!?! I’m not kidding!

I’ve rejoined weight watchers. I’m determined to shift the weight and keep it off. I’m making baby steps, losing it slowly but steadily. I have no idea what my ultimate weight target is, although dress size wise, I’d like to be a uk 16. It’s a way off yet.

In the last few months we’ve celebrated mums 50th birthday, met some great new people and Dave and I are about to celebrate 6 years together. It’s amazing, and I’m feeling like a very lucky girl right now.

My jewellery making obsession has got crazier… I’m going to have a stall at a fête on 1st august. I’m scared and excited and hoping people buy some of my jewellery. I also have to make a shed loads more!!

There has been a lot of change at work, but luckily I got out before all of the major upheavals, for which I’m grateful. It’s sad to see old friends leaving, but at least they are happy.

I’m stuck now, but I think that’s a pretty comprehensive update. Maybe I’ll write some more later in the week. Or find some pictures to share!