NaBloPoMo day 12 – a pretty


I have a pretty for you!
So I’ve told you about my epic fail looking for a dress, and the triumph of finding an outfit. All for this posh do next Thursday!

I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted to wear in my hair so decided to make something… And here it is!

It is a mix of clear and purple beads on gold coloured wire. The wire almost disappears against my hair. And I’m really pleased with it!!

NaBloPoMo Day 11 – This is not the blog you were looking for


So I started writing this great blog post whilst sat in the
AMV offices today, except it’s on my other computer and last night
I struggled to get my machine working online, so I’m afraid you are
going to get off the cuff, made up on the spot Becca blog. Except I
am watching the finale of Dexter season 4 and it is really rather
interesting! So short and sweet it is going to be. Sorry gang! But
I have a question for you… what do you
want me to blog about?!

NaBloPoMo Day 7 – A picture post


Today’s post is going to be in pictures. I’ll try and credit where I can (the crediting doesn’t seem that easy 🙁 ).

I’ve been thinking about getting a hair cut, I am going to get a hair cut, but the question is how. I love Veronica Mars’ hair in the first season and I think this is what I fancy….

I particularly love how versatile it is. She wears it curly (which I adore) and up and down. So gang, do you think I can pull it off?

Getting excited about Christmas, especially when I had my first Starbucks red cup!!

My current craft is fabric painting, which I am thoroughly loving

We went to the cinema this afternoon to see “Despicable Me” – it was very funny, adorable and Dave is now my minion – he even had a starring role in the film!

I’ve been a bit poorly recently, got a cold and sore throat. Thought I was getting better, but not felt great this weekend, my glands are a bit swollen but feeling ok at the moment.

NaBloPoMo Day 6 – not a great deal to say today


We’ve had a chilled out Saturday. I spent last night in bed. We had friends over for dinner and I planned to be cooking. But I came home from work and put myself to bed. I had the most awful tummy ache – so I left poor Dave to cook and entertain 🙁

Felt much better today. We took the car out and I had a drive! First time in a while and it was much better!! I didn’t scare dave as much as I have in the past. So more practice hopefully in the next few weeks 🙂

Anyway, it’s a very boring update today. But I’m tired and still feeling delicate so I’m going away now.

NaBloPoMo day 3 – small but perfectly formed!


I nearly fell at the 3rd hurdle as I’ve only just sat down to blog, I’m tired and I’m not 100% sure what to talk about today!

However, I’m here and posting something, so I guess I still win, at least for now.

I had a rollercoaster lunch break today. I’ve been invited to the marketing society awards dinner towards the end of the month and it’s black tie. So I went shopping with my friend. I have dresses, but they are very obviously bridesmaid dresses or not smart enough for a black tie event. So a new outfit was the order of the day. Could I find a dress that was a) nice b) flattering and c) the right sort? Oh and of course d) to fit!

The answer was, of course, no. My life is not a Hollywood movie, I didn’t walk into a shop and find my dream dress and suddenly look like a princess. Alas, in fact of the 6 shops we tried I only managed to even try on 3, 1 of which made me look like a hippo and the other 2 I couldn’t even do up!

However, all is not lost and I have a plan. I shall go to the ball, its just my fairytale outfit won’t be quite so conventional! I’m going to wow in trousers, and boy will I be more comfortable, and confident!! Watch this space, when I find my outfit I shall share with you all!