Why Becca and noodles don’t mix…


My shameful story of a girl who needs a bib…

Yesterday I had visitors from work and we went out for some dinner before they jumped on the train home.

We decided on Wagamama as it was central and there were plenty of healthy choices and most people like noodles right?

So I had the coconut noodle soup with chicken and some amazing chilli squid. But I’d forgotten about the chopsticks. I mean they give you a spoon, but you need to eat the noodles with chopsticks.

Well, I’ve never been great with chopsticks, if you can stab it I’m all good, but noodles?! Have you ever seen a grown woman flick coconut soup in her face and all over her clothes? It was ridiculous!

Don’t get me wrong, the food was great, I really enjoyed it. But I was not going to give in and ask for a fork and I made a mess!

Then to really cement my standing as a sophisticated grown up woman of the world (I’m not!) I sat eating chilli salted edamame beans (who knew beans were so tasty?). Then, without thinking I managed to rub my eye, vigorously! Oh boy! That was a whole experience in itself, I actually couldn’t see for a minute or two.

So all in all, a successful night!!

These are a few of my favourite things….


Today is Monday and in my quest to make Monday’s as positive and cheerful as possible I thought I’d write about some of things that make me smile at the moment, the songs, food, events, etc that make me go “you know what, life is good”….

Music: Queen
Album art
Mr Dave has been listening to a LOT of Queen recently, and for his birthday I got him the first 2 best of albums, we were listening to the first one this weekend in the car and I’ve had “Fat Bottomed Girls” in my head pretty much ever since.

Music: Adele
I was pleased as punch for Adele that she cleaned up at the Grammy’s this week. I think the girl has an amazing voice and I have a lot of emotional attachment to her voice – we had “Make You Feel My Love” at my Aunt’s funeral at the beginning of this year and I can’t hear it, or even really think about it, without getting a lump in my throat. However, I generally find Adele’s music beautiful and haunting, today I’ve got “Rolling in the Deep” from her Grammy’s performance fighting for space with “Fat Bottomed Girls” – Head Radio at it’s best!

TV: Covert Affairs

Covert Affairs

I’ve got a real thing about Spy drama, and when I saw an ad for this show I couldn’t wait to watch it! We recorded it and never really got round to watching it, but with both of us feeling under the weather this weekend we made a start, and ended up watching the majority of the first series!

Piper Perabo is the star, she played the lead in “Coyote Ugly”, and she is a new CIA agent, it follows her through the ups and downs of her work, and living with her sister and all that that throws up. It’s really a great show!

Smells: L’Occitane Cherry Blossom
Oh, this stuff is heavenly, so light and beautiful. I got quite a lot of stuff for my birthday, so I’m even more in love with it than usual. It just makes me smile to smell so lovely. And when I catch a whiff of myself it makes me smile too!

Smells: Soap and Glory Handsoap and Cream
Another birthday favourite. My friend got me a gorgeous set and wow, when I use both my hands smell amazing, and the Hand Food cream is perfect, so silky smooth and yummy!

Food: Scrambled Eggs
Currently my go to food for comfort and yummyness, scrambled eggs on a bagel with ham. NOM!

So, what is making you smile at the moment?



I got a present today, a new olive bowl. It’s beautiful and provides me with nommy olives too!

Thanks lovely dave!

Dave said I should have taken a picture when it was clean! But I was too excited.

Friday 5 – Cookie Cookie Cookie!!


So, I’m on a diet at the moment, this is gonna make me hungry!!!

1. What is absolutely the best cookie you’ve ever had?

I think it would have to be Farmhouse Cookies!! The recipe can be found here and is delicious, and not too unhealthy cos of the muesli (that’s what I’m saying, and I’m sticking to it!)

2. What is a cookie you really don’t care for?

Funnily enough, despite the above, I’m not overly keen on oatmeal and raisin cookies, though Dave adores them.

3. What are some other cookies you are rather fond of?

I love cookies full stop, particularly chocolate ones! Chocolate in any cookie is goooood.

4. Grocery-store cookies are, of course, never as good as anything that comes out of someone’s kitchen, but what’s a packaged cookie that’s still pretty good?

The ones that come from the bakery section in packs of 5 from tesco (other supermarkets are available) are pretty good!

5. In general, do you think cookies should be chewy and gooey, or should they be crispy and crunchy?

Gooey and chewy all the way baby!