So this is 30?


I arrived into my 30’s with less of a bang more of a whimperhangover!

Friday was my actual birthday, and lovely Dave and I had a really wonderful day, though me waking him up at 7, having variously also been awake at 2, 5 and 6 was maybe not the best start to the day.  It was my 30th birthday, not my 8th, but apparently I still get ridiculously excited!

I got lovely presents from Mr Dave, a pandora bead with my birth stone on it, a gorgeous star necklace, the game 221b Baker Street and we’re going to see Rock of Ages in London next week!! (Tickets hidden in the soundtrack CD!)

We had lunch at Jamie’s italian in Norwich which was lovely and then we played the game and drank fizz!!


Saturday night was my birthday party, and I was on one… I think I’m still paying for it today, 2 days later! My family came for the weekend and there were so many lovely people there!

My birthday present!

I got more wonderful presents (including 3 bottles of fizzy wine that I’ll not be drinking anytime soon! I’ll save them for a special occasion, and when the memory of my hangover has passed!)

30 by 30 challenge

I completed 11 of my 30 challenges before my birthday, the list deserves a whole post of it’s own, I want to talk about it in a bit more detail, I think I watched 97 films in the end!

I’m not going to do a 40 by 40 list, or even 31 by 31… but I am going to have a list of goals for this year, probably somewhere in the region of 10-15, because it really made me feel focussed and positive to have something to aim for.


So this is 30! And as many people have told me, it is just a number, I always knew it deep down, but I have been scarily focussed on it, and not worried, but nervous I suppose.  My worries stemmed from worrying I wasn’t grown up enough to be 30, but actually, I don’t care – I’m not sure I’m ready to be a grown up just yet! I’ll carry on in my semi-grown up state…

Did you worry about an age? Are you worried about one coming up?


Friends and Family – a beautifully double booked weekend!


Happy Sunday Gang.
Things here in the land of us have been a bit busy the last couple of days. You may have heard me bemoan the fact we don’t always do a great deal at the weekends… Well, this weekend we decided to double book ourselves!

Well, obviously we didn’t decide to double book ourselves, who would do that? But we managed it anyway. For Father’s Day we got Dad a photography course, and one for Mr Dave too. And the first part of 2 was this saturday. At the same time there was a great offer for a gig at Blickling Hall, to see Roger Daltry perform Tommy. Both Dad and Dave are fans of The Who, and it fell this weekend, so they got tickets for that too. So we’ve had Dad here till today, which has been really lovely!

As well as this, an old school friend of mine was visiting from the great north. She arrived Friday night and we’ve spent the weekend chatting, reminiscing and drinking. And of course, she also knew Dad way back when. So the whole thing was just really lovely. Dad and Dave were busy, Vicky and I had plenty to do, and I personally have had a truly lovely weekend.

I’m always a bit weird about old friends, I’ve got a small handful that I keep in touch with, and I think facebook has a lot to answer for (not in a good way!), but there is something to be said for being with people who’ve known you since your first ill advised crush, or who were there helping you learn the lyrics to “On my own” in the library. There are some memories that should be held dear I think. And though there are many friendships that have fallen by the wayside, I hold very dear the ones that span the miles, and work, despite the probabilities!

These get togethers are also, usually, a little bitter sweet, I can’t think of anyone who has solely good memories, and I can’t help but lament the friendships that I’ve lost. There were people that made choices I disagreed with, or I felt did me wrong in some way, and I was reminded of one of those this weekend. I’m better for moving on, but it doesn’t hurt less.

Oooh, we took a bit of a philosophical turn there didn’t we!
I just wanted to say how lovely my weekend was… How was yours?


Huge congratulations to Hannah who ran the Race for Life today, with her mum!

Crafty girl


So this last Christmas my lovely dave got me a glass fusing kit. Since I’ve been making jewellery one of the things I’ve really wanted to do is make my own beads. This doesn’t quite do that, but it is a great starting point and this weekend we had a go…

I’ve made my very own pendant, and it is beautiful! I’m really pleased with it, and once I get the hang if it properly it’s going to take my jewellery making to a whole new level! I’m so excited and very grateful to my lovely dave.

It’s all done in the microwave and is really quite clever. The fusing itself doesn’t take long, thr most time consuming bit is waiting for it to anneal, it’s like cooking yorkshire puddings, you mustn’t open the door during that process!

And now, the reveal! Somewhere in this blog entry should be a picture of my first pendant!