Why Becca and noodles don’t mix…


My shameful story of a girl who needs a bib…

Yesterday I had visitors from work and we went out for some dinner before they jumped on the train home.

We decided on Wagamama as it was central and there were plenty of healthy choices and most people like noodles right?

So I had the coconut noodle soup with chicken and some amazing chilli squid. But I’d forgotten about the chopsticks. I mean they give you a spoon, but you need to eat the noodles with chopsticks.

Well, I’ve never been great with chopsticks, if you can stab it I’m all good, but noodles?! Have you ever seen a grown woman flick coconut soup in her face and all over her clothes? It was ridiculous!

Don’t get me wrong, the food was great, I really enjoyed it. But I was not going to give in and ask for a fork and I made a mess!

Then to really cement my standing as a sophisticated grown up woman of the world (I’m not!) I sat eating chilli salted edamame beans (who knew beans were so tasty?). Then, without thinking I managed to rub my eye, vigorously! Oh boy! That was a whole experience in itself, I actually couldn’t see for a minute or two.

So all in all, a successful night!!

Bossy needs help


My friend over at i am bossy needs some help.  She has been nominated for best humour blog of 2008, and boy does she deserve it!!

Please find it in your heart to go to here once a day until 13th January and help me and the rest of her readers get her to win!!  And also, check out her blog for yourself, you’ll be addicted like I am!!