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I recently recieved a Sigg Water bottle to review courtesy of PureKit (a camping and leisure company from what I can tell, not being particularly au fait with this section of the retail industry!) The bottle I got was the black coated 1L size.

As part of my new year regime I’ve been trying to increase my water intake, so have bottles of water dotted around the house and office. I’ve also started walking to work, and not being the fittest of people I quite often find myself in need of water.

I’ve been hearing about how reusing plastic bottles causes some nasty chemicals to leach into the water, which is kind of gross. So anyway, when I was offered the chance to review a Sigg water bottle I thought I’d give it a go.

The first thing I love about this bottle is it is pretty sturdy – Mine has been dropped on the floor from varying heights (thanks Dave!) and hasn’t dented or scratched at all. It also keeps water nice and cool, without the need for ice or cooling it down. Again, a massive bonus, as not much is worse than warm water when you are looking for refreshment.

The bottle is quite sizeable, and though lightweight it is a bit of a pain to fit in my bag with everything else I carry, but with the looped handle it is pretty easy to carry, and not too awkward. If I was buying one myself though I’d maybe look at the other sizes and try something a bit smaller.

On the purekit site the original price of this bottle is £15.49 (currently it is on sale for £13.94 and has free delivery which is normally £3.99). I’m not sure if this is something I’d be willing to pay upwards of £15 for, I really like it but the price seems a bit steep to me. Maybe I don’t yet fully understand the benefits?

The Sigg bottles come in quite a range of colours, I’m particularly keen on the teal one (my new favourite colour!) and they even have some funky designs for the fashion concious amongst us!

The bottles are designed so you don’t taste the coating inside, they are made out of a single piece of metal so no annoying leaks and the inside coating is resistant to fizzy drinks, though this I haven’t tried. The top is great for not leaking and is pretty solid, so you can carry by the handle safe in the knowledge that your bottle of water is not going to remove itself from the lid.

Overall I’ve been fairly happy with the product. Nice work Sigg and Purekit! For some other reviews why not check out the links below:

And for reference, I recieved my bottle free of charge in exchange for reviewing it.