New year, new blog… Sort of


I got a bit ahead of myself trying to do a daily blog post in november didn’t I? Not quite half a month. Ah well. It’s a new year, 2011 and I’m starting it feeling quite optimistic, though I am also sick, again! I’ve been home the last 2.5 days with aches and pains and shivers and a cough that won’t quit.

One of my goals for 2011 is to shift some weight (cliche much?!) I’m taking it slow, half a stone at a time, looking no further ahead than that next silver 7. (a weight watchers term that I like). And of course I want to keep it off, so I’m trying to increase the amount of “exercise” I do. I’m not talking going to the gym, or joining an aerobics class, but simple things, walking more, stairs instead of lifts. It’s not rocket science, I’m not stupid, it’s a combination of all these things. I’m also working on increasing my intake of water. I dont drink enough at the moment. Hopefully all of these things will lead to a healthier Becca.

One of my very fabulous Christmas presents was a funky little video camera (similar to a flip, it’s a a kodak zi8 and adorable!) so I’m hoping to have a go at video blogging soon too. Any requests? What do you fancy seeing?

Anyway. I’ll ease myself in gently… A little short blog entry 🙂