Voucher Hub – Review


I’m probably a bit of a marketers wet dream.  I love a freebie, vouchers are like my new best friends and tell me I’ll get money off when I spend more and I’ll love you forever.

So when I got an email from fuel my blog asking for people to review Voucher Hub (in return for a threadless voucher none the less!) I was chuffed to bits.  I’m always on the lookout for ways to save money and thought I could probably give Voucher Hub a run for its money.

The thing about voucher sites that often puts me off is that you never know how reliable the links are going to be.  Voucherhub gets away from this problem by encouraging users to vote with a click when the voucher does or doesn’t work for them… and it is that simple, you don’t even need to log in (which makes a real difference).

The links at the top making searching the site dead easy – it breaks down all vouchers by the following categories “voucher codes”, “expiring soon”, and “restaurant vouchers”.  The search function is great, you can choose to search either by product or store, depending on what you are looking for.  Lets take an example of pizza…

Currently if you search for pizza you get a choice of 10 sites to look at, including the big names, like dominos, pizza hut and pizza express.  The variety of vouchers is huge, but you are bound to find something to make your meal much better value for money – doesn’t it always taste better that way?

Finally, if you have a voucher of your own, just add it using the form, its easy to do, and again, no registration necessary.  These guys really want you to share your moneysaving ideas and tips with them.  It seems only fair, if you benefit that you help others.

I guess one of the down sides of this site (if there are any!) is that it’s kinda easy to end up spending more than you planned, but as long as if you need to you show a little restraint, it can really help, especially if you already have a purchase planned, why not save?!