International Day for Street Children – April 12th




I don’t often post about anything serious on this blog, but this is a cause I feel quite strongly about, and one I am getting involved in through work.  The International Day for Street Children is going to be held for the first time on 12th april 2011.  It is promoted and run by the Consortium for Street Children a network of charities and companies all behind the cause of Street Children.

There are hundreds of thousands of children around the world who don’t have a place to call home.  When I think of Street Children, I have images of children in India, Mexico, and Africa, countries that are poor and struggling.  But there are Street Children all over the world, in the UK there are thousands – in our own cities and towns there are children living rough, dossing on sofas, sleeping on the streets or in hostels.

This makes me sad.  But more than that, it makes me angry, in 2011 1 in 3 UK children should not be living in poverty, and there should not be an unknown number of children who don’t have a home.  Childhood should be carefree and fun, not dangerous and full of fear.

The Consortium, and it’s partners, want to raise a voice on behalf of these children.  The theme for the International Day is Louder Together and we all believe that we can be.  I’ve added the twibbon to my facebook profile and twitter profile.  And over the next few weeks will be trying to point you in the direction of case studies, and photos, videos and other content.  Hopefully we will be able to make this day stick, and give street children around the world a voice.