Day 06 – Whatever tickles your fancy – An ode to the fine city of Norwich


So today’s topic is “ladies choice” and having just heard the news that Norwich has been overlooked for City of Culture 2013 in favour of Derry, I thought I would take the time to tell you about some of my favourite parts of the city, and what makes it tick for me… So ladles and jellyspoons here goes!

(PS this will NOT be in rhyme!)

So, these are a few of my favourite places in Norwich (and the surrounding areas!)

The Forum

I visited the British Library once, on an A Level trip, and was totally in awe of the place, I adore books, and libraries are very special to me.  I’ve never been inside one which is quite as special as the Forum, not only is there a wonderful selection of books, and music and wonder, but there is so much information about Norwich and beyond.  The big open space at the front plays host to salsa classes, comedy nights, craft fairs, and much more.  BBC Look East comes from there, you can get pizza, coffee and music.  It is a pretty special place and I don’t think I realise how special it is at times.


I first discovered the broad when I was a 3rd year at the UEA, a local friend took us there one sunny sunday afternoon.  Whitlingham is (I believe) an old quarry, which is now full of water and home to some amazing wildlife.  The walk around the great broad is about 3 miles and takes you alongside the river yare.  There is also the mini broad, which is a bit like a lake with a beach, and is very serene to sit by.  My old boss, Tracy (you should DEFINATELY read her blog!) and I had a team day there to gather our thoughts and find some direction.  It was a wonderful experience and one I would definately repeat.  Get out into nature, not in a touchy feely way, but let the office melt away, its amazing what you’ll achieve.

The Fat Cat

Most of the boys in my life adore the fat cat, and I have come to love it, though am not a real ale drinker (fruit wines though are a totally different kettle of fish! and those are very much available here!) and I’ve spent many a pleasant evening whiling away the hours with various groups of friends at the fat cat.  It is also a little bit revered by many people in Norwich, and a bit of an old man’s pub.  But I love it none the less.

Wroxham Barns

Though technically not in Norwich, I wanted to include Wroxham barns because it makes me happy.  Wroxham barns has 2 big appeals – animals and crafts! The animals part is a junior farm where you can go and get a bit hands on with the animals.  Its for kids especially, but I’m a big kid really! We can’t wait to take J, our nephew for the day soon.  There are also a whole bunch of craft shops and studios which I love to just go and immerse myself in, as well as shops selling local produce (including AMAZING fudge!) and products.  There is also a funfair and crazy golf I think, but I’ve not been in that part.

And so, the list is by no means exhaustive, it’s just an off the top of my head list, I love the city I live in and it is nice to remind myself why.  I think I’ll revisit this list again another time and add to it.  In the meantime.. tell me, what places in your hometown do you love? Or have you been to Norwich? What do you love here?