Big city blogging!


I love the iPhone wordpress app. I can write this blog from the car on our way to London. In case I didn’t mention it enough, it’d my birthday in January, and my lovely Dave really spoiled me, part of that spoiling included this trip. We’re heading to London, staying in wembley and doing the tourist thing. We’re going to do the v and a, there is a jewellery exhibition I want to visit. The science museum, the beatles coffee shop and a comedy night.

I love London. It really excites me! I’m not sure I could live their fulltime, but I do think the city is a wonderful place 

I spent some time recently at our group headquarters recently. Its near the gherkin, which I’ve never seen up close until that last visit. It’s a pretty spectacular building, but I think more impressive when you can see the whole thing. Or at least the shape.

So, we’re off and I’m really looking forward to it! Look for more blogs with a nodnol theme!