*I’ve included referal links in this post – in the interest of full disclosure, if you sign up through my links I will earn points too.

I don’t know how many of you know that I’m a little bit in love with finding ways of earning cash/vouchers online? My newest favourite is Swagbucks where you search and randomly get awarded points (or swagbucks).  You also earn points when anyone you refer to it earns bucks.  It’s a little bit of fun and I’m really enjoying thinking of things to search for.

I’ve decided to aim for a Flip video camera, I’ve got about 41000 swagbucks to go, but hey, a girl has to have a goal! I really fancy one and it’s great that I could potentially earn one for nothing!  So, if you fancy joining me, I’d love it if you use my referal link and help me get to my target!

PS – This is the first time that I have scheduled a post! So fingers crossed it works!