Bitten by the crafty bug!


So you know I make jewellery right? Well just recently I’ve come over all crafty licious! I’m dying to turn my hand to all sorts of new things, this doesn’t bode well for my bank balance, or my time, but it’s one of those things that happens to me every now and then.

So, I started off with my mini clipboards which I adore, and can’t wait to send one to Han in her next letter (it’s not a secret so I hope she doesn’t mind me sharing! My sister will also be getting one as part of her belated birthday presents. (again, not a secret!)

I’ve also been perusing loads of craft blogs – there are soooooo many ideas!

One of my favourites at the moment is dollar store crafts I’m a HUGE fan of the pound shop (our UK equivalent!) and am so jealous that they have so much cooler stuff in there dollar stores over in the States, but there are so many cool ideas of things to make whilst spending very little cash… check it out!

I’m also loving Chic’ n Scratch which I found whilst looking for coasters to decorate. The woman who runs it is amazing and also a stampin up consultant… Must… resist….stampin up…

Finally I love the UK Craft Forum for chatting with like minded UK based crafters, I’m sparklybec if you fancy finding me!

So hopefully look out for some new projects soon, and maybe I’ll even brave a tutorial at some point!

I’ve also booked in to do another craft fair in Norwich on 17th July! Fingers crossed this one goes well 🙂