Belated Friday 5!!


This weeks Friday 5 is hard!!

In the past month, what was your biggest OOPS?

My biggest oops this month, hrm, probably a stupid work related thing, I was testing and remembered to do everything except write down some bank details… that was really dumb, but what made it worse was I already had them written down, I just didn’t realise until I’d been panicking for an hour!

In the past month, what inspired you to let out your most heartfelt WHEW?

See the previous comment. Thankfully I did have them written down, otherwise it could have been a looong day!

In the past month, what caused you to say, “HUH?”

I struggle to make sense of lots of things 🙂 But it was probably a discussion with Dave when we were talking at cross purposes! It doesn’t help that he talks really quietly too!

In the past month, what influenced the most ZZZZZZZZs?

I’m always sleepy! I had an afternoon nap yesterday for a couple of hours!

In the past month, what was most GRRRRRRRRR-worthy?

My sister had a really rough time, some people were treating her badly and I got seriously angry.  I couldn’t do anything to help which made it worse.

What made you HUH?, GRRRRR! and OOOOPS! this month?