Crafty girl


So this last Christmas my lovely dave got me a glass fusing kit. Since I’ve been making jewellery one of the things I’ve really wanted to do is make my own beads. This doesn’t quite do that, but it is a great starting point and this weekend we had a go…

I’ve made my very own pendant, and it is beautiful! I’m really pleased with it, and once I get the hang if it properly it’s going to take my jewellery making to a whole new level! I’m so excited and very grateful to my lovely dave.

It’s all done in the microwave and is really quite clever. The fusing itself doesn’t take long, thr most time consuming bit is waiting for it to anneal, it’s like cooking yorkshire puddings, you mustn’t open the door during that process!

And now, the reveal! Somewhere in this blog entry should be a picture of my first pendant!