For all you crafty girls (and boys!) out there I wanted to share the following with you!

Craftsuprint - The Worlds Largest Legal Craft Download Site!

I hope this works!
Craftsuprint is a lovely little website for getting inspiration, and buying products as well, you can pay to download the images you like and the artist who created it gets a commission.  As well as this they run an affiliate programme, which I have signed up too.  So if you buy anything through any of my links then I will also recieve a small commission, which is lovely for me too.

If you are an artist (I know many of my friends are!) and would like to, you can also submit your designs to the site for people to buy. How cute is that?

Finally, there is also a competition, regularly, to find crafty bob, he is hidden somewhere on the pages and if you are the first person to find him you can win a cash prize! So if you are looking for somewhere new to find craft inspiration and decoupage sheets please check out craftsuprint through one of my links!