Pampered Becca


Before I start, I guess I should apologise for leaving you all in the lurch about the job thing… I still can’t give any more details, but will do as soon as is humanly possible.  For anyone that knows me in real life, they will understand quite how bloody difficult keeping a secret is!

In other news… I have decided to be a pampered chef consultant! I love their products, have been to about 4 parties and held 2 of my own.  So, when the announcements were made and our friend suggested I could do this as a way to supplement my income I thought quite seriously – I’m aiming to use the money I earn to pay for driving lessons!

So i’m very very excited! I have my training tonight, and I have my first party next week – Tuesday night.  So if anyone is in the Norwich area and fancies a party… I’m your gal!