Monday evening musings


Dave and I rediscovered our blogs over the weekend. Well, I never really misplaced mine, it’s always been here, silently judging me for my lack of posting and regular start-stop-starts! But I thought now was a good time to try and have another go 😄

Where am I now?

Well, at the grand old age of 34, I’m working on digital marketing for a local professional services firm and the proud owner of a dog, a car and soon to be husband! Yes dear reader, after 14 years together Dave and I are actually going to get married! I couldn’t be happier and there shall be a whole blog post (honest guv!) on The Proposal! (It deserves capitals and bold type!) 


Some random Monday thoughts:

  • Dizziness is not conducive to screen time but I’m enjoying catching up on my book
  • M&S BBQ food is really rather good
  • Puppyhood is a very confusing stage of life for puppy parents – what is that noise you are making for waffle dog?
  • Winter weddings are great but try not to save all of your holiday for the end of the year, you need a break part way through too.

Just some of the random things in my brain right now.