NaBloPoMo – day 1


I’m going to have a go at NaBloPoMo this year, in the hope that daily blogging for a month will encourage me to blog more. I’ve been seriously neglecting my little space here and it needs a spruce, and a tidy up ready for the new year.

I’ve got tonnes of stuff to write about, so here goes nothing… It is November 1st and I’ll be here all month!

Today is my dad’s birthday, I’m just back from spending the weekend with my family and we also fitted in a visit with Dave’s mum and dad, all of which were very lovely, but the weekends just fly by.  I’ve got a list of craft stuff I want to attempt as long as my arm, and sadly not really enough time to do it, especially with trekking backwards and forwards on the train to London, I had an idea of taking some stuff on the train with me, but its just awkward.

Anyhoo, this is just an introduction and a reminder to my few readers that I’m still here and will be for a while (I hope!)

Bring it on november!