Clippy Review – Fuel My Blog


I am addicted to bags. When we moved house I took 2 bags, FULL of bags to the charity shop, best estimate there were at least 30, if not more.
Alas, this means I need to be very careful, I’m not allowed to by any bags, at least until my credit card is paid off!!
So when the Fuel My Blog email came through offering me the chance to review a Clippy Bag I jumped at the chance! In fact, the email I sent was probably a bit pitiful! Sorry Sylvie!!

This is my beautiful bag. I chose the medium bag, which would normally retail at £30. It has 18 holes to fill and you can either order a blank one, or do like I did and customise your bag online.
If you log in through facebook you can choose to upload your pictures straight from there, and the awesome part about that is that you don’t need to worry about sizing your pics or anything, they are perfect.

The website tells you what size the pictures you upload need to be to make sure you get the best quality and there are a bunch of free sheets to choose from! I adore my bag, and have been carrying it around a fair bit.
It’s a good size for every day use, not too big and the handles are long enough for me to wear over my shoulder, which is great! My only tiny little gripe is that if I’m wearing a sleeveless top I find the corners a little bit sharp as the bag is made out of plastic.

My next purchase is most definately going to be a make up bag as they are way too cute!

For those of you planning parties for little girls (and not so little girls – Hen party anyone!) Clippy offers these amazing party boxes which allow give you everything you need for 5 products, the boxes come in pencil cases, ring binders, make up bags and small handbags. I think they would be fab for a girlie hen party, something a bit different and a bit of fun.

For full disclosure purposes, I got the bag for free in return for a review from fuelmyblog