NaBloPoMo day 4 – driven to distraction


My friend is answering questions each day for her NaBloPoMo, I think I might have to take a leaf out of her book. Certainly for some posts, otherwise I’m going to struggle to find something to write about every day!

Today I have a title and a topic. I wonder if that’s enough. I’m on the bus heading home for my first driving lesson in nearly a month. Those of you with a dedication to detail may point out that I’ve been learning a while. In fact by my calculations it’s been about 18 months. I dread to think how much it has cost me. But I will do it. I’m determined. I passed my theory test about a year ago, I just wish the practical bit would come a little bit easier.

Of course what doesn’t help is the fact I’ve had no time with the campaign. And spending so much time in London.

So. The L plates aren’t coming off for a while, but they will. I’m sure of it.