NaBloPoMo day 10 – and breathe


Phew. Mild panic just then. Went to write todays blog post and day 9 wasn’t on my phone. I could have sworn I did blog yesterday. And I did. But because I did it on my computer it didn’t show here.

I’m now a third of the way through NaBloPoMo and I’m really pleased I’ve stuck with it so long.

I’ve learned a few things too. One thing I think I’ve learned is that my blog is lacking direction. It’s kind of schizophrenic and I think that is probably why I have so many problems writing regularly. And I’ve been thinking. I am in the process of building a content plan for work. What harm is there in building a content plan for my blog? It doesn’t have to be rigid, and flexibility is important, but if I have some ideas I should save them in a vague plan!

I also get easily distracted. I remember when we used to plan events for the guides and brownies. We had to divide the time slots up into small chunks, because the girls so easily got distracted by something else. I’m just like that!! Whatever I’m doing I find myself quickly flitting from one thing to another. I think this is why my favourite craft is jewellery making…. Lots of small tasks, you don’t have to focus for too long!

Anyway. Those are my 2 lessons for today. Did you learn anything?