The best laid plans of mice and men…


We might have underestimated the impact that half term would have on our trip! We headed to south ken on the thursday after we arrived, we were aiming for the v and a, but all the museums are on the same road… They were queuing round the block for the science museum!

So we rethought our visit, and we’re going to go back during school time to do the museums.

We went to Covent garden on Friday. Covent garden is one of my favourite places in the world. It’s like a gorgeous little town, with at least 3 bead shops! And we went in each one!

I was quite restrained. I didn’t spend too much in any of them, but 3 shops is still quite a lot! Dave was very tolerant too. Bless him! We then made our way to Denmark street so dave could look at his beady equivalent! Music shops .

We also visited hamley’s. It was crazy busy! Possibly even worse than the museums. I did get to ogle at bears though. We gave the comedy club a miss as well. We were both so so tired and our hotel was a fair way out of the city, so we just chilled out there.

I rounded the trip off with a massage on Saturday morning which was lovely!! I felt so chilled out afterwards.

And here we are, it’s Tuesday and I’m heading back on the train to London. This time for work, and I might even fit in a little trip to covent Garden again 