Crowd Pleaser


I have been asked to blog more frequently, so here I am, trying to blog more!

Its been a bit crazy the last week or so, and sadly not in a crazy good way.  Some stuff is going on at work.  As part of a restructure, at the moment, my job isn’t carrying on.  This doesn’t necessarily mean redundancy, but it is a possiblity.  I’m scared, and angry and trying to get my head round all of this stuff and make big decisions.

Other than that, things are going well, Dave and I have both just celebrated birthdays, his in a much less drunken manner than mine! I have to tell you, 10 bacardi jelly shots (I’m not allowed vodka, it makes me cry!) makes for an interesting evening!

I’ve been missing people lots recently.  I miss my fambly, and I miss my friends.  I want to reach out and grab people as much as possible, but that could get me arrested!  No, seriously, I’m acutely aware of the distances between myself and other people at the moment… Tom, Sarah – when are you coming to visit!?!?

I’ve updated my 101 a bit, a few more things going on now, nearly finished my first book of 100, although, thinking I might change it to 101 books, in keeping with the theme!

Well, I think this constitutes a blog entry, I’ll write more when I can, and keep you updated on the J O B situation.