In order to remind myself of everything I have done in the last year and a half when I feel low T suggested I make a list.  So here it is, the start of my list of achievements:

  • Got a new job and am doing fab at it
  • Walked a tightrope
  • Sang karaoke whilst sober
  • Built on my relationship with my sister to turn it into a friendship
  • Met some amazing people
  • Completed a certificate in personal life coaching
  • Completed my adult leadership qualification
  • Moved into a house
  • Visited home on my own
  • Stayed home whilst D went out and didn’t nag him
  • Went on a changing mindsets and beliefs course
  • Broke a block of wood with my hand
  • Broke an arrow with my throat
  • Stayed overnight in a new city on my own
  • Went on a hen night
  • Put a bet on a dog at the race track
  • Took my hair back to it’s natural colour
  • Finished counselling – by mutual consent
  • Gave a huge presentation, and enjoyed it
  • Got headhunted twice (I didn’t go, it was the same team both times!)
  • Was my best school friends bridesmaid
  • Read at L’s wedding
  • Became an aunty for the first time
  • Finished the TCF scrapbook for work
  • Went to London on my own for a networking event
  • Walked into the pub on my own!