30 by 30


30 challenges before my 30th birthday!

I wrote myself a list of 30 things to achieve before my 30th birthday and below is a text version of the list.

1. Pay off my credit card (completed 27/03/2012)
2. Get my passport
3. Plan my first trip abroad (bonus points if it happens before my birthday!!)
4. Drive all the way to my parents house (no stopping to let Dave take over!)
5. Read 100 books (14/100)
6. Take at least 1 photo a month and blog about it. (3/12)
7. Blog at least once a month (the photo posts don’t count)
8. Go somewhere I’ve never been before (yes, I realise this is quite vague!!)
9. Have a massage
10. Make a usable handbag
11. Give 3 ‘just because’ gifts (0/3)
12. Go to a karaoke bar and sing
13. Watch 100 films (15/100)
14. See a show in London
15. Strip and repaint the chest of drawers from the spare room
16. Learn a new skill
17. Set up and stock an online craft shop (etsy, folksy etc)
18. Cook a full 3 course meal with all new recipes
19. Make an inspiration board for the craft room
20. Blog a crafty tutorial
21 make jam (or marmalade) from scratch
22. Do 3 things that challenge/scare me (1/3)
23. Make red velvet cupcakes completed 18/2/2012
24. Have coffee with Hannah (@girltaristhan)
25. Make proper fudge
26. Do something special with the girls
27. Finish the cross stitch I started
28. Go out dancing
29. Finish the scarf I’m crocheting Finish the blanket I’m crocheting for the bed (48/240)
30. Organise a trip away with Dave