dear diary

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I’ve been thinking a lot about my blog.
That tends to happen when I meet up with Tracy I think she is convinced I’ve got something worth blogging about. It is lovely for someone to have faith in you. I want to be a good blogger. I just need to find something I’m good at blogging about.

Currently this blog is like a glorified diary, or journal, which I also do sporadically funnily enough. It’s like the second someone tells me I need to write more than 140 characters I clam up. I know there is stuff I want to say, but does anyone listen? And more importantly, do I care if they listen?

I’d like my blog to have more direction, more focus, but I don’t want it to be single-minded, I’m not a single-minded person, I’d like to think I’m multifaceted. Though maybe that is going a bit far!


The many facets of Becca

So I guess I need to look at my wordle and work out which bits of my life are blog worthy… Any hints and tips would be gratefully received! What do you want to read about?