Warning! People might read this post…


I’m not stupid, I know that by blogging here it is possible that people might actually read what I have to say (might!) but do you?

When we post something online, it is highly possible, nay probable out there in the big world of the interweb, that someone is going to read what you are saying. Those people might be your friends, they might be strangers but they will read it and, as is human nature, form a judgement about you.

In a world where social media and it’s many uses are discussed at great length, companies are really starting to get in on “listening” to what people have to say about them.

We’ve all heard the horror stories of people being fired or disciplined because they’ve called in sick and then posted on facebook saying they’ve been off playing for the day. That isn’t what I’m talking about, directly.

My point is that people should really think carefully before committing themselves to an opinion, or comment that will forever be linked to them out there. There are a couple of questions I ask myself when I post something on twitter/facebook/my blog – I give you these as a guide, use them, change them, but please, just think before you post…

1) How would I feel if my dad reads it? (in actual fact my dad follows me on twitter and on my blog, so this is a genuine concern!)

2) How would I feel if my boss saw it?

3) How would I feel if a future boss saw it?

4) If I were showing my twitter account to people, to explain twitter, or doing a search to demonstrate it to a room full of people on a big screen, would I be embarrassed?

I know how ​easy it is to have a rubbish day, or be angry about someone/something and want to use my twitter stream as a place to vent, but it is really important to at least take a breath before I send that bitchy message. The same applies for drunken tweeting, but that calls for a whole new blog post!