“Hello world” straight up with a twist.


Let me start by saying I have no freakin’ idea what straight up with a twist means but it sounds fun!

So hello world.

I’m not new to blogging by any stretch of the imagination, but I am new to wordpress and to blogging, not under a pseudonym as such, but privately.

As everything unfolds I shall tell my story a little, but for now I’ll just say I wanted a space to call my own, where I’m not vunerable to the whims of other people.  I’m quite happy to share my writing, my life, my thoughts and feelings, I just don’t want them to be held up and examined too closely by people I don’t know.

This is probably all very rambly and makes little sense, I hope it doesn’t turn you off too much.  I will explain more, I just need to find my feet a little here first.