30 by 30, an update


Well, hey there.
I can’t give you a total on the films and book list – my list is at home, I’m sat in a hotel room watching pants tv, so I thought I’d take the time to give you a little bit of an update.

the big one
I’m chuffed to bits that today I actually managed to fully pay off my credit card (number 1 on the list!). This was the big one and I’m so glad to have been able to do it. It’s going to make a real difference too.

feel the fear and do it anyway
I did my first “thing that scares me” this month too. I had to give a presentation at work, and the last one I did didn’t go so well, I was really disappointed with myself and therefore a lot more nervy this time around. I’m pleased to say that I was actually proud of the presentation I gave, and myself. So, big tick in the box – first one down!

So, overall, making some progress, I’ll do a film/book update soon, as well as march’s photo post.
Hope you are all doing ok.

Why Becca and noodles don’t mix…


My shameful story of a girl who needs a bib…

Yesterday I had visitors from work and we went out for some dinner before they jumped on the train home.

We decided on Wagamama as it was central and there were plenty of healthy choices and most people like noodles right?

So I had the coconut noodle soup with chicken and some amazing chilli squid. But I’d forgotten about the chopsticks. I mean they give you a spoon, but you need to eat the noodles with chopsticks.

Well, I’ve never been great with chopsticks, if you can stab it I’m all good, but noodles?! Have you ever seen a grown woman flick coconut soup in her face and all over her clothes? It was ridiculous!

Don’t get me wrong, the food was great, I really enjoyed it. But I was not going to give in and ask for a fork and I made a mess!

Then to really cement my standing as a sophisticated grown up woman of the world (I’m not!) I sat eating chilli salted edamame beans (who knew beans were so tasty?). Then, without thinking I managed to rub my eye, vigorously! Oh boy! That was a whole experience in itself, I actually couldn’t see for a minute or two.

So all in all, a successful night!!

Oh My God You Guys


Last night, my girlfriends and I went to see Legally Blonde – The Musical at the Norwich Theatre Royal.

I always enjoy going to the theatre and musicals are one of my favourite things to see. This one was no exception, it was a great production and I’ve been singing the songs in my head (and maybe a little bit out loud) ever since.  The one above is a particular favourite.

One of my 30 things to do is go and see a show in London – any suggestions? Which would your favourite be?

Films everyone should see?


Dave always finds it strange that I’ve not seen a few “classic” films:

  • Most of the star wars films
  • Most of the James Bond films
  • Pretty much any horror film!

And today on Facebook someone mentioned his girlfriend hadn’t seen Wayne’s World.

It got me thinking – what films are real “must sees” for me? And what about you? What is a must see film?

I think mine would be:

  • The Blade Trilogy
  • The Commitments
  • Elf
  • Dogma

So…. Over to you… Must see films, who knows, maybe you’ll convince me to add it to my 100….

Bus musings


I’m sat here on the bus into work, my soundtrack is some gorgeous Motown and for the first time in a while I’m not wrapped up in loads of layers.

I’m looking forward to a friend visiting for the weekend. She’s never been to Norfolk and we plan to share the wonder of Sheringham with her tomorrow. It’s our favourite spot on the coast and I can’t wait.

My dadis taking part in a challenge to create a photo every day for the whole of 2012 and he’s doing a great job. I’ve always thought he’s a good photographer, but as the last 2 months have gone on I’ve noticed his pictures are getting better and better.

He’s got a sidekick, in the form of Clarence, the clown. Clarence is a colourful character and Dad seems to be having great fun coming up with stories to tell. I’ve decided that Clarence should have his own hashtag and I’ve decided to make it my mission to get him trending! Maybe he should tweet too?!

I’ve got a few ideas of some interesting blog topics coming up, I must admit to really enjoying myself now I’m blogging more. Though, whether what I have to say is of any interest to anyone other than me? Who knows. Right now I’m just getting a lot out of writing it. I may even talk nicely to mr Dave and see if we can’t do a redesign!

I’m probably due a challenge update, but if I’m honest, right now, beyond cupcakes last weekend there isn’t much new to add – I’m getting behind on both books and films!

Coffee Time – A sponsored post


As you may have guessed from my birthday present from Mr Dave, I am a bit of a coffee fan! I drink it multiple times every day and I like “proper” coffee, either in a cafetiere or my lovely coffee machine, I also have a drip coffee machine.

So when I was offered the chance to review Kopi Coffee I jumped at the chance!

Kopi offer a subscription based service, from their site:

Every month we’ll send you a different hand-picked gourmet coffee chosen by our Kopi experts from around the world.

They have 3 different subscription levels

  1. Monthly – £9 gets you 250g of coffee delivered once a month and you can stop and start as you see fit
  2. 6-monthly – £8 a month (£48 every 6 months) for 250g of coffee delivered for 6 months
  3. Annual – £7 a month (£84 every 12 months) for 250g of coffee every month for a year

I got to try 100g of their January coffee:

Malawi Geisha AB Msese District

Which I have to say is out of this world! The coffee comes with a tasting notes document, so you can understand exactly what it is that you are drinking, where it is from and what you should be experiencing. I’m beginning to see that tasting coffee is a bit like tasting wine, but for me the best way I can describe this coffee is it is perfectly mellow, rich and delicious, no bitterness at all. It smells amazing and makes an awesome latte (yes, I realise this is a bit heathen!).

I really love the concept of the Kopi offering.  A monthly subscription is a really lovely idea, what a treat to get a new coffee to try once a month? But here comes the rub, I understand that Kopi pay their farmers a fair price and this is reflected in the cost, but for me, the amount of coffee I drink, even £7 for 250g is just a bit prohibitive.

I do however, think that it is something I would buy as a gift for someone else, for a special birthday, or possibly a wedding gift for a coffee loving couple – the cost as a treat to myself though is a bit beyond my means.


I’d like to thank Kopi coffee for allowing me a chance to review their coffee in exchange for this review. I was sent the sample free of charge.  The review is my genuine belief and I would not give a positive review unless I truly meant it.

These are a few of my favourite things….


Today is Monday and in my quest to make Monday’s as positive and cheerful as possible I thought I’d write about some of things that make me smile at the moment, the songs, food, events, etc that make me go “you know what, life is good”….

Music: Queen
Album art
Mr Dave has been listening to a LOT of Queen recently, and for his birthday I got him the first 2 best of albums, we were listening to the first one this weekend in the car and I’ve had “Fat Bottomed Girls” in my head pretty much ever since.

Music: Adele
I was pleased as punch for Adele that she cleaned up at the Grammy’s this week. I think the girl has an amazing voice and I have a lot of emotional attachment to her voice – we had “Make You Feel My Love” at my Aunt’s funeral at the beginning of this year and I can’t hear it, or even really think about it, without getting a lump in my throat. However, I generally find Adele’s music beautiful and haunting, today I’ve got “Rolling in the Deep” from her Grammy’s performance fighting for space with “Fat Bottomed Girls” – Head Radio at it’s best!

TV: Covert Affairs

Covert Affairs

I’ve got a real thing about Spy drama, and when I saw an ad for this show I couldn’t wait to watch it! We recorded it and never really got round to watching it, but with both of us feeling under the weather this weekend we made a start, and ended up watching the majority of the first series!

Piper Perabo is the star, she played the lead in “Coyote Ugly”, and she is a new CIA agent, it follows her through the ups and downs of her work, and living with her sister and all that that throws up. It’s really a great show!

Smells: L’Occitane Cherry Blossom
Oh, this stuff is heavenly, so light and beautiful. I got quite a lot of stuff for my birthday, so I’m even more in love with it than usual. It just makes me smile to smell so lovely. And when I catch a whiff of myself it makes me smile too!

Smells: Soap and Glory Handsoap and Cream
Another birthday favourite. My friend got me a gorgeous set and wow, when I use both my hands smell amazing, and the Hand Food cream is perfect, so silky smooth and yummy!

Food: Scrambled Eggs
Currently my go to food for comfort and yummyness, scrambled eggs on a bagel with ham. NOM!

So, what is making you smile at the moment?