100 Happy Days


Last year, I started an instagram challenge, trying to document things that made me happy for 100 days in a row. I didn’t manage the challenge but have decided to give it another go.

100So, I thought I would try this again. My friend Manon has just completed the 100 days, and she has encouraged me to join in with her! We’ve come up with a couple of hashtags and mine is going to be #becca100wonderfuldays over on instagram (my name is @beccus if you want to follow!).

I’ll also try do a round up of some of the images on here every now and then. 

I’m hoping that the challenge will encourage me to look for the good in every day, it’s so easy to get caught up in the rubbish of every day that you forget to look for the positive.



An update…


Untitled designI really do suck at this blogging thing! I have all these good intentions when I start out, and then how quickly does it all fall off the radar! So Wednesday currently posts have gone out the window, lets just look at where things are at at the moment!

We’ve cancelled our sky subscription so are watching a bunch of stuff before it runs out (things we’ve recorded so will lose on our box). We are also currently (I mean literally as I type!) watching live artwork being made on periscope. It’s a phone app that lets you see people’s live casts and our friend Salty has been live casting him doing artwork this weekend. It is amazing and really quite therapeutic to watch! You should check it out.

Daredevil – We’ve watched this Netflix original over the last week or so, I loved it, it was gritty and compelling, but very violent and in some places quite graphic. The guy who plays Matt Murdock is a Brit, he was in Stardust the film (which was filmed in Norwich!)

Pitch Perfect 2 – We had the week off this week and went to see the follow up to Pitch Perfect. I was expecting to walk out feeling a bit disappointed (sequels are never as good!) but this was brilliant!! I really really enjoyed it!

Marvel’s agents of S.H.I.E.L.D – We’ve had this on the box for a while and have been working our way through this weekend. The problem is that we forget what happened previously!!

I’ve just finished a book called An Ice Cold Grave by Lee Weeks. I’m on the look out for more of hers as I’ve been impressed with the two I’ve read.

I also finished a Debbie Macomber book whilst we were on holiday, but I can’t remember what it was called!

We’ve had a week off work this week so we’ve had a lovely week of days out, doing little jobs around the house and generally enjoying ourselves.

We went to Thetford Forest on Tuesday and we went for a bike ride. Now, this sounds like nothing particularly interesting… but I haven’t cycled since I was 11! I had a sore bottom and I’m not sure it was for me! But it was actually a lot more enjoyable than I was expecting!

It’s been quite a foodie week, and from a diet perspective less good, but it’s been really lovely. Back on plan from tomorrow 🙂


National Stationery Week 2015


NSW Logo


Last week was national stationery week, and I meant to write about it during the actual week, alas time got away from me and I didn’t really quite know where to start! I thought I’d share some of my favourite pieces of stationery, and why I love them! I’ll start with pens today and share more as time goes on!

I love to write and being a lefty I sometimes struggle to find a nice pen that works for me. I found this awesome website, Cult Pens that stocks a huge range of amazing different pens in all sorts of colours. I’ll share links from there but you can buy them elsewhere too. (I wonder if I’ll get through this post without spending lots of pennies!!)

The pink Pilot V-Pen Erasable fountain pen (Cult Pens price £3.64 for one. Other colours available)
pink pilot fountain pen

This is a lovely pen to write with and I particularly like the pink colour. It is great for letter writing and doesn’t show through paper, or bleed. I also like that it is disposable, so I don’t have to worry about carrying cartridges around.


Another lovely pilot pen – the Pilot V5 Hi-Techpoiny rollerball in light blue though I have this and the V7 in multiple colours. (Cult Pens price £2.15 and multiple colours available)

light blue v5

This is a great fineliner. I used the black version for the seating plan and invitations for my friends wedding recently. It writes really smoothly and again, no bleeding or leakage. A great value pen and I always have one knocking around in my bag or on my desk.



There is also the Sharpie (seems like an endless number of colours! They retail for £1.10 on Cult Pens).
black sharpie

They are the pen of autographs! But I love them for so many different jobs, writing on plastic, addressing packages, writing on odd surfaces. They are so useful and I don’t know how many colours I have!



Stabilo fineliners come in a huge range of colours, this set retails for £11.99 on Cult Pens.
stabilo fineliners

I have a similar set to this, and it is great for organising my diary and my to do list. They are really very fine and I did try and colour with them but it didn’t really work! Colour makes me happy and being able to organise with it is really helpful.


This is just a selection of some of the lovely pens I use, I jump around from pen to pen and I’m always looking for new ones to try. Do you have a favourite type?



Currently… 29th April 2015


Untitled design

So in order to make myself blog regularly I’ve decided to make this a regular Wednesday feature! For the simple reason that I did it on Wednesday last week.

This week I have been:

As well as almost everything we were watching last week (except Masterchef – yay Simon!!) we’ve added in some extra shows:

Peter Kay’s Car Share – We like most things that Peter Kay has done and the first 3 eps of this show were brilliant. We can’t wait for the next one!
Suits – We’re watching season 3 of this lawyer based show. Set in NYC (loved it, can’t wait to go back!) This is another netflix show and we’re trying hard not to binge watch it.
Revenge – This very silly programme is on E4. It is very soap opera-esque! It is getting even more silly as the series is in it’s 4th season. But very glam and compelling watching.

Last week I didn’t get very far with my either of the 2 books I was reading. My friend picked up an Alex Kava book for me from the charity shop, so I’ve been reading that. It’s called “The Perfect Evil”. A crime thriller starring Maggie O’Dell, the FBI agent. I’m really enjoying it and everything else I was reading has been dropped in favour of it!

Getting real post! I love getting letters and in the last 2 weeks I’ve had some from Australia and France. Now I need to find some pretty stationery so that I can write back!

It’s been a busy week, and I can’t believe it’s only Wednesday. I’m really looking forward to a long weekend, 3 whole days to chill out a bit and hopefully get a bit of a rest!

Currently… 22nd April


Untitled design

In a blatant act of imitation being the sincerest form of flattery I am borrowing this post idea from the lovely Hannah who starts every week with a list of things that she is up to. So here is my list of things keeping my attention at the moment.


We are big TV watchers in our house, we are currently looking at whether we want to keep our sky subscription or give it up in favour of just having netflix. Watch this space. But the TV shows we’re currently loving are:

Modern Family – One of few programmes we watch on the day they air. This funny, sweet sitcom is so uplifting.
Elementary – Love this show. When I first heard that they had Lucy Liu on board to play Watson I was really anti, but she has totally won me over!
Person of Interest – This was originally a netflix find but we are now watching it on channel 5 on real telly.
Masterchef – We’re into finals week for this year!
Bear Grylls The Island – We loved this last year and are really enjoying the boy/girl split this year.

I’m sure there are lots lots more, but these are the main ones this week.


Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Strout – This was on the TV over winter but we didn’t watch it, I picked the book up in the charity shop. It is ok, but I’m not enamoured with it. I want a more in depth story instead of lots of little ones with a few of the same characters. I’ll persevere.
Pillow Talk by Freya North – picked up at the same time as Olive. I’ve just started it in between readings of Olive for a break. I haven’t gotten very far.

Looking forward to

We have a busy May coming up, lots of exciting things to do! One of my lovely girls is getting married at the start of the month and my sister turns 30, so we have a party and a girly weekend away!

So there we have it, a brief window on my world. I’m sure I will expand on this more as the weeks go on, but this is just a little look…

Welcome back and a recap


It has been months (well actually over 2 years!!) since I last blogged here and my world now looks quite different. I decided to come back to blogging to give myself somewhere to write, a corner of the internet that is just mine. I have a few ideas of things to write about, and I think I’m going to try and do a few blogging challenges to get back into the swing of things.

This blog is really for me, I’m hoping I might pick up some friends and readers along the way, but for now I’m going to write about the things I like, the things I do, the things I buy and probably the things I worry about. Welcome to the world Becca blog!

I should probably expand on the point about my world looking a bit different. I still live in Norwich with lovely Dave but am no longer unemployed (yay!) I’m actually on job 2 since I last posted. I shan’t talk directly about my work here (rules are rules). I work in digital marketing here in Norwich.

The biggest change in my life since I last wrote was the sudden loss of my beautiful mum last summer. I have a whole blog post to write on that – probably many of them – but grief is a personal thing and I don’t yet know how much I want to share online. I think, if you are going to be on this journey with me you probably should at least know that though. My life is naturally altered by this huge loss, and it’s likely to reflect in the things I have to say and the different experiences I’m having now. You know how when you have your eyes tested they try out different combinations of lenses to get the best fit for you? Well I feel like a new lens has been put on my world now, and I’m just getting used to the way it feels, having to refocus my eyes as it were.

Another change is my student status. I’m currently studying for a diploma in digital marketing through a distance learning course. That is likely to be a topic that comes up every now and then too!

Some other things that haven’t changed:

  • I’m still a caffeine fiend! I’m hoping to include a few posts about my coffee habit, and the awesome places I find to drink it!
  • I’m still very much a stationery obsessive. A girl can never have too many notebooks or pens and I still calm myself down by looking at pretty stationery. I’ll share some of my acquisitions with you.
  • I still read huge numbers of books. I’m keeping a running tally this year (I’m on book 21 I think). There might be some posts on the awesome books I read.

I think I’ll leave it here for now. I hope I’ve not sent you to sleep too much.

I’ll be back soon 🙂

Goals 2013


I realise this post is almost 3 months late. But nevermind!

Before my 30th birthday I tried to complete 30 goals, I managed 11, and came close on a few, but I didn’t feel like I failed, because I achieved a lot and I was proud of everything I achieved. I was just reading Hannah’s goal list and it reminded me that I haven’t posted up the goals I’ve set myself for this year (not 31!) Without further ado…

#1 Get a new job.  I think this goes without saying, but it’s good to put it in here! Also hopefully it’ll mean I can definitely cross it off!

#2 Drive more often. I spent a lot of time and energy passing my test and, not to mention money, I need to make more use of it.

#3 Don’t buy any more stationery.  I am a stationery addict, I love the stuff! But I have plenty, so I won’t buy any more until I run out.

#4 Learn something new.  I love learning new skills and I want to keep doing it.

#5 Go on a holiday. We’ve been talking about a holiday for a while, my redundancy money might mean a big holiday, but only if I get a job, otherwise we want to make sure we get away, somewhere, for a week this year.

#6 Save £100 in amazon vouchers for christmas (£20/£100)

#7 Do some volunteering

#8 Go to the theatre again. Dave got me tickets to see Rock of Ages in London, which was fab! I had so much fun, and there is great theatre around Norwich too.

#9 Have some new experiences. Along the same lines of learning new things I like the idea of trying new things too! So bring it on 2013 what have you got for me.


I kinda feel like their should be a 10! So I shall rack my brains to think of something to even it out.  But there you go, my goals for 2013.


Edited 12th March

I’ve been thinking about my goals and I’ve come up with a few more 🙂

#10 As suggested by Dave – Find a new theme for my blog.

#11 Take more pictures.

#12 Can’t believe I forgot this… Meet and have coffee with Hannah!


I’m sure there will be more as we go!



Playing around with photoshop – learning a new skill


Having left my old place of work at the end of last year and currently looking for something new I’ve decided to take the chance to learn some new skills, and something I’ve always wanted to do is learn a bit more about photoshop.

Cath Kidston Bag Collage

Remember this post? where I talked about making the bag from the kit that came with the Cath Kidston book, Sew? Well, Dave challenged me to make a collage out of the images – I’m quite proud of it actually, as a first attempt it isn’t too bad!

I want to make a few more banners and things for the blog, and may even try my hand at a design for the very top, so keep your eyes open.



My name is Becca and I am a craftaholic.

I collect crafts! Over the years I have attempted the following:

  • cardmaking
  • cross stitching
  • scrapbooking
  • jewellery making
  • sewing
  • painting
  • drawing
  • photography
  • writing
  • crochet
  • knitting
  • making stuff with fimo
  • baking

etc etc etc

The list goes on and on and I’ve probably spent a fair bit of money on various craft pursuits… I think it is because I need a creative outlet.  I think this is also why I like love stationery so much.

But I constantly find myself wanting to “make things”. I’m currently in sewing mode, and I’m actually going to have a go at quilting, something I’ve always been quite scared off, but I think I’ll really enjoy.  I may even attempt to blog my journey in quilting/patchwork.


Do you have hobbies? What about making things? How do you channel your creativity?

So this is 30?


I arrived into my 30’s with less of a bang more of a whimperhangover!

Friday was my actual birthday, and lovely Dave and I had a really wonderful day, though me waking him up at 7, having variously also been awake at 2, 5 and 6 was maybe not the best start to the day.  It was my 30th birthday, not my 8th, but apparently I still get ridiculously excited!

I got lovely presents from Mr Dave, a pandora bead with my birth stone on it, a gorgeous star necklace, the game 221b Baker Street and we’re going to see Rock of Ages in London next week!! (Tickets hidden in the soundtrack CD!)

We had lunch at Jamie’s italian in Norwich which was lovely and then we played the game and drank fizz!!


Saturday night was my birthday party, and I was on one… I think I’m still paying for it today, 2 days later! My family came for the weekend and there were so many lovely people there!

My birthday present!

I got more wonderful presents (including 3 bottles of fizzy wine that I’ll not be drinking anytime soon! I’ll save them for a special occasion, and when the memory of my hangover has passed!)

30 by 30 challenge

I completed 11 of my 30 challenges before my birthday, the list deserves a whole post of it’s own, I want to talk about it in a bit more detail, I think I watched 97 films in the end!

I’m not going to do a 40 by 40 list, or even 31 by 31… but I am going to have a list of goals for this year, probably somewhere in the region of 10-15, because it really made me feel focussed and positive to have something to aim for.


So this is 30! And as many people have told me, it is just a number, I always knew it deep down, but I have been scarily focussed on it, and not worried, but nervous I suppose.  My worries stemmed from worrying I wasn’t grown up enough to be 30, but actually, I don’t care – I’m not sure I’m ready to be a grown up just yet! I’ll carry on in my semi-grown up state…

Did you worry about an age? Are you worried about one coming up?